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William Wang, CFP®
Serving HFG Clients Since 

Will has been in the financial industry for over 6 years. He graduated with Cum Laude honors from Brigham Young University – Hawaii with a degree in Business Corporate Finance and attained his CFP designation in 2016. Will feels very fortunate to have found his calling in life. His professional passion includes Wealth Management and Capital Allocation.

Will’s community involvement includes Coaching Boys Basketball at Tri-City Prep High School and actively serving in his church. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife, Lauran.

“I realize I have been extremely blessed to have found my passion at such an early stage in my professional career. I feel even more fortunate to have found an environment that allows me to grow and help others succeed. I have spent the better half of my life coaching young people on the basketball court. The bond that is created between coach and athlete as they work together hand in hand to achieve a desired result is sacred. It is both rewarding and humbling to have an impact on someone’s life and play a role in helping them reach their goal. This is no different than the relationship between an advisor and client. In the grand scheme of things, I know what I do plays only a small role because the client deserves all the credit for their diligence and discipline. However, I am still humbled to be a part of their journey. It is my responsibility to be prepared when they have challenges, so they can truly enjoy the fruits of their labor”. – William Wang

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