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Ben Messinger, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Serving HFG Clients Since 

In addition to serving clients as a senior financial advisor, Ben Messinger, CFP® is a co-owner and CTO of Haberling Financial Group. Ben is a graduate of Eastern Washington University’s college of business, with a B.A in Business Administration with a major in finance and minor in economics. Since graduation, he has worked exclusively as a financial planner, being at HFG since 1997. As far as he’s concerned, helping people achieve their dreams and avoid costly financial mistakes is the greatest job on earth.

Ben is actively involved in the Tri-Cities through his church and other programs. He has volunteered in various community projects such as Earth Day cleanup projects, construction of the Playground of Dreams, supervising local student fundraising activities, and 8 years as a Boy Scouts of America volunteer leader. Currently Ben serves as a Director on the Kennewick School Board.

“Let me give you an example of why I love what I do. Years ago I met a really nice couple. The husband worked a very high-stress job. He was in his early 50s, unhappy, and uncertain about where he stood regarding future retirement. I seriously worried this guy was going to stress himself to death. We identified goals and developed a financial plan so they could see where they stood and how to get where they wanted to be. Eight years later he is a different man. He’s happy, at peace, and doing things he loves. The stress is gone and he looks healthier every time I see them. It is very rewarding to watch people experience this type of transformation”.
-Ben Messinger, CFP®

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