October 31,

Charitable Giving - Tax Favorable Strategies

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes The desire to enrich another person’s life is usually the primary inspiration to give. Based on the research provided by the National Philanthropic Trust, charitable giving in the United States has grown from $75 Billion in 1975 to $373 Billion by the end of 2015. Statistics also show that on average, the annual household contribution to charity is approximately $3,... Read More

October 21,

3rd Quarter Market Summary 2016

Executive Summary Correlations between Elections and Future Returns Global Stock Markets post strong 3Q returns Bonds and Interest Rates - Unchanged 3Q 2016 Market Review As I write this review, the second debate has passed. Secretary Clinton appears to have a strong lead and may likely be our new President. Over the last few months, some of you have asked how the markets will react to the election. Ten to fifteen years ago, I analyzed the returns from the different parties. I... Read More

October 14,

Trust: How To Qualify It

I recently returned from a wonderful finance conference sponsored by Dimensional Funds. It was an honor to attend and to be invited. According to our representative, DFA works with 370 advisors along the West Coast. HFG was one of approximately fifteen invitees. Over two days of presentations, we had the pleasure to listen to three Nobel Laureates in Finance and Economics: Dr. Fama, Dr. French and Dr. Merton. Leaders in our industry, they play an important role in assisting DFA in... Read More

September 29,

The True Value of an Advisor

The late Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking and don’t settle”.  As I ponder these words, I realize that I have two very strong passions in life. The first is finance and the second is fitness. If I didn’t pursue a career in finance, I would have explored personal training because both careers have distinct similarities like helping people achieve quantifiable and attainable... Read More

September 15,

How Much Is Too Much?

One of my clients recently posed a question that no other client has asked me yet.  Most clients want to know if they will have enough saved to meet their retirement goals, but his question was “how much retirement savings is too much?”  I assured him that he currently didn’t have to worry about that problem, but I promised to keep an eye on things and let him know if I saw that crisis coming.  All joking aside, it’s actually a legitimate question.... Read More

September 08,

Risk Management Reality Check: Life isn't a Hollywood Movie

Copyright © Lucasfilm Ltd. 1981 In the life pursuit of financial security, the landscape is littered with potential risks. People choose to navigate this mine-field in many different ways. Some simply bury their heads and hope for the best while others endlessly obsess over risk avoidance. One vice we all seem susceptible to is a focus on external factors. When I ask a client what worries them, rarely do they give an introspective response.  More typically we choose... Read More